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Free Gift – Spring into Action

free gift buttom

Place your order for an Evolution Chair and/or Cozy before April 30th, 2013 and receive a complimentary Evolution Chair Exercise Poster valued at $17.00. The “Just Move It” exercise poster features 34 stretching and strengthening exercises developed by Physical Therapist Timothy J. Caruso to counter-act the muscle imbalances caused by sitting for long periods of time. We encourage you to share this offer with friends and family.Just Move It

Everyone Needs a Break

Everyone needs a break but most people don’t make the time to have one. Work breaks are very important whether in an actual work environment or in school taking a break allows you to enter in a situation with a fresh mind and body.  The Just Move It poster supplies some great exercises and stretches to perform on a stability ball that maximizes your break time by.

Get some excess energy out!

Are you a type of person that loves to fidget and tends to get on everyone’s nerves with your constant movement? Instead of clicking a pen for hours on end get the Evolution Chair and get rid of that excess energy constructively. The Evolution Chair allows you to add some constructive movement to your day by bouncing! This deceptively simple movement actually gives your body more of a workout and allows everyone to breathe a sigh of relief.

Just Move It

Feeling a little blue because summer has come and gone? If you are looking for some inspiration to get back on the workout train, try something new! The Evolution Chair allows you to turn your regular work hours into a workout by sitting and NOW you can add the Just Move It poster to sweeten the deal. These new posters have exercises that are performed on the Evolution Chair and turn your work into even more of a workout. This article (link below) perfectly illustrates how beneficial movement is in your day.


Sharpen your body, not just your pencil!

Trying to get back into the groove this coming September and feeling a little guilty about all the fun you had this summer? If you are looking for something to start getting you back on track, just take a seat. The Evolution Chair promotes active sitting which allows the person to build core muscles which ultimately strengthen their back by just sitting. Also, for all of those heading back to school, this chair allows you to sit for long periods of time without back pain meaning those unfortunate all-nighters may become a just little bit easier.

Everyone got on the ball in Vegas this summer!

We recently returned from VEGAS where we participated in the RDH show (under one roof). At this show we were able to work with our longtime physical therapist friend Mr. Caruso and we were excited to be part of his lecture called survival of the fittest…get on the ball! The participants in the lecture thoroughly enjoyed the interactive workshop, performing a series of exercises on the Evolution Chair in the lecture hall. It seems that like everyone literally had a ball in Vegas.