The Positive Effect of Worrying and Stress

For #NationalStressAwarenessDay, discover the benefits of stress!

A new study of how people manage stress while waiting for high-stakes results showcases that embracing your anxiety could be beneficial in the long run. The study was conducted on 230 law graduates who were awaiting their results on the bar exam. These participants completed questionnaires before taking the exam and then every 2 weeks during the 4 month waiting period, upon receiving their results, a final questionnaire was completed.

The strategies that people utilized to deal with the worry and stress during this waiting period tended to be separated into four directions. Some attempted to suppress their fears but by endeavoring to subdue or ignore them but they subsequently became more aware of their fears. Others tried to find the silver linings. Others hoped for the best but braced for the worst, they permitted themselves to worry and then created contingency plans for the worst. Finally, some participants remained calm throughout the waiting period.

It was found that participants that were relaxed or calm about the outcome of their bar exam, meaning they justified their lack of worry by expecting to pass and deciding to deal with the consequences of not passing after they received their results, were overall less excited if they passed and less prepared for failing. When receiving good news they felt underwhelmed and when the recipient of bad news, they were devastated by the results. The participants that could not suppress their worry or used any other method of dealing with their anxiety and stress about the results of the exam actually experienced more elevation if they passed and were more prepared if they failed. By worrying, embracing their anxiety and stress, these individuals actually were more prepared to receive the news and better equipped to deal with failure.

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