Ways to Combat Excessive Standing or Sitting

Excessive standing or excessive sitting can take a serious toll on your health. Here are some tips to combat excessive sitting or excessive standing.

For sitters, the key to mitigating the hazards of sitting is to move your body!

  1. Stand during specific activities, such as talking on the phone or eating.
  2. Engage colleagues to meet while going for a walk.
  3. Use a standing desk, position your work surface over a treadmill or use a chair with a stability ball which encourages active sitting.
  4. Set reminder or alarm to go off once an hour, then stretch or walk around for a couple minutes. The “Just Move It” poster which comes with the Evolution Chair Kit includes stretches and exercises that can be performed with the Evolution Chair.
  5. Use a fitness app to keep track of your daily activity.

For standers, it is recommended to take frequent breaks, every 30 minutes or so!

  1. Alternate between seated and standing work activities.
  2. Change your position frequently.
  3. Ensure that your workstation is set to the proper height.
  4. Invest in supportive, high quality footwear
  5. Consider using a chair that promotes active sitting. The Evolution Chair Kit engages your core and promotes active sitting.

For more information on the Evolution Chair Kit or the “Just Move It” poster visit: http://evolutionchair.com/

Exercise with the Evolution Chair

Also, for the full article, please see: http://www.ajmc.com/contributor/sophia-bernazzani/2016/05/sitting-or-standing-at-work-the-benefits-and-risks


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