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New EVOLUTION Split Saddle Chair Active Sitting

The new Evolution Saddle  stools are designed with the same active sitting principle as our original Evolution Ball Chair. Active sitting utilizes dynamic movement to promote core strength, improved posture and overall back health

Saddle Stools for home Office

The Evolution Split Saddle Chair offers a healthy sitting option that enables the user to attain the ideal pelvic position to optimize back health by positioning the hips so that the weight on the discs is distributed over the middle instead of being tilted to one side. Some ergonomists suggest that 60% of the working day should be sitting on an active seat, 30% standing and 10 exercising.  The independently moving seat halves allow greater freedom of movement and the tilting option helps to put the weight over the sitting bones.  The pelvis is in the correct position, which makes keeping the back upright as easy as if we were standing or walking; we do not need any backrest when we are standing either.


  • Directs your body automatically in the natural, health-promoting posture
  • Adjusts and tilts to direct weight to the correct position reduces pressure on cartilage
  • Affordable. High quality, great value
  • Improved physical appearance with better posture
  • Compact Design
  • Fluid Mobility while sitting