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New EVOLUTION Hemisphere Active Sitting Stool

The new Evolution Hemisphere Stool and Evolution Hemisphere Perch stools are designed with the same active sitting principle as our original Evolution Ball Chair. Active sitting utilizes dynamic movement to promote core strength, improved posture and overall back health

Perch stool for work
Hemi Stool
perch stool for home office

The Evolution Hemisphere stoos follows our original Evolution Ball Chair as another quality option for active seating. The swivel base allows for continual movement, taking pressure off the spine, releasing muscle tension and promoting proper circulation. The ergonomic half-ball, back-less seat encourages perfect posture and engages core muscles. The sleek and compact design makes it practical for most standard desks and a variety of working and living spaces. The features of the Evolution Hemisphere include:

> Adjustable stool height from 18” to 23”  & Perch Stool height 23 to 31

> Fit most standard desks and accommodate users of different heights

> 360° swivel base providing movement and stability

> Lightweight, attractive and compact design

> Anti-burst half-ball seat with pump provided for easy inflation

> Perch adds a convenient foot rest ring.