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While our previous office chair was very comfortable, we often found ourselves sitting in awkward positions. It certainly did nothing to improve our posture as the Posture Perfect chair does. Our ball-style chair is quite amazing – an easy and comfortable way to sit straight and, of course, good posture has many benefits.

—Hilary D. & Dom M., Hudson, QC

The Evolution chair has allowed me to sit for greater periods of time more comfortably. As an athlete, and a professional, the health and stability of my musculoskeletal system is a high priority. I’ve just ordered 3 more for my staff and family.

—Dr. Cameron McCrodan, OD.

I saw the Evolution chair the first time at my dentist’s office. He let me sit on it and I liked it so much that I decided to buy one for my office. I have it for about two years now and do not want to sit on a regular desk chair ever again! No more back pain. Also my posture has greatly improved and I walk “straight” again. People visiting my office are amazed that you can actually sit on a ball and feel very comfortable. Setting a trend here, so far five people in my company are sitting on the Evolution Chair. Highly recommended!


About a year ago a rep came into our office to do a demo for the Evolution chair. I was asked if I’d like to try it out for a couple of weeks–best decision I ever made! I have tried numerous office chairs over the years and this is the first “chair” that I am comfortable using”.  I always wondered if, in fact, the chair was doing anything for my core muscles because it never felt like I was working those particular muscles. What’s interesting is that my core muscles were toning themselves without my realizing it. In fact, I found out just how strong those muscles have become! Not too long ago I was home sick with the stomach flu. I went back to work two days later, feeling fragile, but okay. I sat on my ball chair and I immediately slouched because I was too weak to hold myself up! My core muscles were still weakened by my bout with the stomach flu; for that day only I had to use a regular chair…a chair I could slouch in. The next day I was back on my ball chair; I had recovered enough and was strong enough to hold myself up.  I tell everyone about my chair; I let customers come and sit on my ball chair and every one of them had that surprised “wow; this feels great” look on their faces!   I am so glad that I was asked by my boss to try out this chair; I feel great!


Hi! I wanted to let you know how much I love my Evolution Chair! I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. I bought it while I was in law school and spending many hours each day at my desk. I found that the Evolution Chair really helped me stay pain-free while getting through my long days of sitting and studying. I really like that with the Evolution Chair I can have the comfort of sitting on an exercise ball with the convenience of being able to scoot around like on a more standard-type office chair. I highly recommend it!

—Christina Vinters

I must tell you that since my doc purchased my EVOLUTION CHAIR as requested at the Greater New York Dental Meeting 2 years ago, I have not had the displeasure of ANY visits with my orthopaedic doctor, neurologist OR….massage therapist! My patients are always in awe when they see and realize what I have been sitting on for an hour or so! Then the real selling point comes.(if I know them well enough and include the men in this!!) I always have them feel or poke my rock hard ABS!!! After all, if your core is straight and posture excellent, one is working all the right muscles!!! I have proven to many of my fellow Dental Hygienists that this is THE ONE and ONLY chair to use! Thank you so much!

—Joanie Patterson C.D.A., R.D.H., B.S.D.H.

HI! My name is Dr. Liz Szrom and I have been fortunate to have Tim Caruso as a patient. He introduced me to the Evolution chair at one of our appointments. I have not stopped using it since about the beginning of November, 2009. It has greatly improved my back discomfort and I now find it difficult to use the standard chairs in the other rooms. It also initiates great conversations with my patients!

—E.C. Szrom-Gavin, D.D.S.

I really do LOVE my chair – it is amazing. So many people comment on it here at my office and I promote it to them for the health of their back and good posture!


I spoke at a dental conference last month and met a man who had an evolution chair. He was at the conference telling dentists and their staff about the benefits of this chair. It’s a big ball on a stand (see picture) and it looks kind of funny but looks can be deceiving. I asked him about it and he told me all about it and I was intrigued. He said, “with this chair, never again.” He gave me his card, the evolution chair brochure and told me to call the company and get one. I did. I have been sitting on it for about a month now and it has changed my life–for the better. Jackie, the cat, my office mate now has taken over the executive chair as her own. Fine with me because I have a kinder chair.  I don’t stand up with stiffness and lower back pain.This chair forces me to sit properly! It forces my spine to position itself properly! Finally I can work all day and not be bummed out when I go downstairs to play with the dog and the cat.  So how does this chair relate to body language? When you are working, if your back is hurting, you won’t be working up to your maximum ability. I don’t make the calls I need to make or do the writing I need to do. And, your physiology (pain) will change your psychology (bad mood or attitude). Is that what you want while you are working? Is that what you want when you arrive home to your spouse and kids? I don’t think so.  I don’t recommend products but I can tell you that this chair has changed my physiology and my psychology for the better. When you feel good, you can tell and the people around you can tell simply by reading your body language. When you feel bad, people pick up on that whether they are right in front of you or even on the phone. Don’t let your physiology interfere with you business or personal life. Get a kinder chair like I did!

—Linda Talley

What can I say, it is great. When I got my first chair about 1 1/2 years ago, my staff laughed and they took bets to see how long it would take me to roll off the chair. Well, 1 1/2 years later, not only have I not fallen off the chair, I also have not had any backaches which were quite frequent before. Also to top it off, my staff that was laughing at me, now also sits on the balls and love it as much as I do. When patients come in, they always ask about the chairs and a lot of them ask to sit in it. When they do, they not only want to get one for themselves, but they also want to buy one for a friend or loved one.

—Dr. Charlie Foy, DDS

I’m looking forward to getting back on my evolution chair, at 6’7” and 250 pounds it’s difficult to find a chair that is comfortable and ergonomically correct. I would recommend the Evolution Chair to anyone with back and/or height issues.

—Todd Bosworth

Within a few years of graduating I realized that the physical demands of dentistry were exceptionally taxing on my body. I started to develop stiffness in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. When I saw the Evolution Chair, I realized that it would force me to use my core strength as it demanded an upright posture and would prevent me from slouching. The Evolution Chair absorbs the compression of my strained and contorted spine and relieves the stress to my back. I have been using the Evolution Chair in my clinic for almost four years now, and I find that it is one of the most comfortable dental chairs I have ever used. I cannot work without it, and my back feels great – thanks for extending my career!

—Chris Bryant, DDS

I have been using my Evolution chair for almost a year. My midsection, including my lower back, feels continuing strengthened. Plus, it’s a fun distraction when clients see it for the first time. It’s a welcomed bonus when I can begin an appointment with relaxed, smiling clients.

—K. Cristine A. Hodsdon RDH, BS, Educational Consultant

While many people spend time in the gym doing strengthening exercises, most are not mindful of the tremendous long-term health benefits associated with active sitting and the accompanying improvement in posture and core strength. I’m convinced that the Evolution Chair™ is a good seating choice and I will recommend it to my patients.

—Dr. M. R. Wilkinson, MBBCh, MBA, CMA, Dip Sports Med. Sports Medicine Physician and Medical Director Medical Rehabilitation program at Back in Motion, British Columbia

The whole office thinks I’m crazy, so far! But, after months of sitting on the ball, I am more on-the-ball than ever. Working at my desk is no longer tiring and I feel better at the end of a shift. I am able to hold myself up straighter and I feel I can walk taller and smarter. Surprisingly I have no desire to go back to a conventional chair, as I was first afraid I would. Balancing came easy and quickly and now, I never even think about it. I am enjoying the experience and the results.

—Don Warren

I started my MBA degree this year and injured my back as a result of having to sit for better than 12 hours per day in the classroom and to study! Its kind of embarrassing and surprising to me to have a “sitting injury” but I am a runner and going from being very active to a somewhat sedentary existence “did me in”. After injuring my back this September, I went to see a chiropractor for the first time in my life and she recommended the ball chair to me. Her office staff sit on them and I bought one from her immediately. I haul this ball chair with me to class and I do all my homework on it as well. However, at work, I still had to use a traditional office chair and my back, although much better, could not tolerate it. I was bringing my ball chair from home into work as much as possible but it was getting to be a pain hauling my ball chair back and forth to the office as well as to school. Switching to a ball chair, and your Evolution chair in particular, is the best thing I have ever done. I still sit for hours on end with work and school, but as long as I sit on the evolution chair, I am just fine. I have returned to running (after 9 weeks off due to the original injury) and I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

—Kelly Phipps, Northern Health

I had a hip replacement in February of 2005. My rehabilitation included much core strength development. I bought the Evolution Chair, after seeing an ad for it in the paper, hoping that it would continue to help me focus on my core strength while at work in my office. I love the chair, find it very comfortable and find that it forces me to be aware of my posture. The wheels are a convenience that allow me to swivel from my computer to a work table. I have now bought a second chair for my home and my whole family uses it at the computer.

—Peter Humphries, Principal Boundary Elementary School

Ever since we started to use evolution chairs, all of us in the clinic noticed big improvement in posture and back strength. At the end of the day we were less tired and more energetic. Our clinical staff can not imagine reverting back to regular chairs. Our front desk staff use Evolution Chairs as well, and likewise would not swap back to regular chairs.

—Dr. Tom Moonen, Orthodontist North Vancouver, British Columbia

*Dr. Moonen’s office is one of the original practices to incorporate the Evolution Chair in dentistry. They have exclusively utilized the Evolution Chair in their clinical and administrative environments for over two years.

Sometimes I feel like a living, breathing ad for the Evolution Chair.   I have been using my chair for a year now at work and it’s seems that I’m always telling someone how much I like it. I sit in front of a computer at work and have had a history of body aches and pains due to my bad posture. Believe me it’s much harder to slouch on the Evolution Chair, and that’s a good thing. My posture has improved dramatically. I miss my chair when I am off work so I have just bought one for home too.

—Korey Johnson, Dental Office Manager

We bought our first Evolution Chair in February, 2005. I was suffering from pain in my right hip and saw the receptionist at my physio’s office using one. It was an instant hit with all the members of our family who find it the most comfortable chair for computer work. We have since purchased a second chair and both are in constant use as both my wife and I have home offices.

—Mark Pezarro, Principal Earthvoice Strategies Inc. Sustainability makes dollars and sense.

I am an assistant for a Chiropractor. He is always bothering me about my posture. I got an Evolution chair this summer last, and wouldn’t give it up for the world. My back used to ache all day and I slouched something awful….my whole family does. Now not only do I sit up straight when I’m on the Evolution Chair but my posture is perfect all the time and everyone comments on it too! Also, I broke my tailbone last September and the Evolution chair was the only chair that was comfortable for me. I can’t wait to order another one for my computer at home!


Dentistry is an occupation that is known to be very hard on the lower back. When I saw the the Evolution Chair, I realized that it would force me to use my inner core strength and abs as opposed to my lower back when using it as a dental chair. I have been using the Evolution Chair in my office for a little over a year now and I find that it is one of the most comfortable dental chairs I have ever used. I cannot work without it. I even take it with me from operatory to operatory to work on patients. It’s a great conversation piece as well!

—Dr. Bruno Paliani

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