Ball Chairs

Posture Perfect Solutions has been providing Active Seating Solutions since 2004. The Evolution Original Stability Ball Chair is the leader for Office, Healthcare and Home use.

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Hemisphere Stool

A modern Ball Chair with the benefits of the Original Ball Chair. Ideal for Active Seating Solutions where adjustable height, space saving and comfort is needed.

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Hemisphere Perch

A modern Ball Chair with the benefits of the Original Ball Chair. Ideal for Sit Stand Application where adjustable height, space saving and comfort is needed.

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Saddle Chair

The Evolution Saddle offers Medical, Office and Service professionals a mobile Active Sitting Solution. Experience free movement with stability and comfort.

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Wobble Chair

The Evolution Wobble offers Active Sitting benefits with a compact and modern design. A great way to bring better posture and balance to any workplace.

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The Evolution Stability Ball Chair Story
About Posture Perfect Solutions Ltd
Exclusively Active Seating Experts Since 2004
Recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association
We are passionate about creating healthy bodies for healthy work environments.


The EVOLUTION Stability Ball Chair & Stool, Perch Stool, Wobble Stool and Saddle Stool ergonomic chair solutions are designed specifically to deliver Active Sitting Benefits in demanding Office, Medical & Dental Professional, Commercial, Industrial, Technical and Home applications.


Our Active Seating and Active Sitting ergonomic chair products are available across North America, directly through our EvolutionChair.com Web Store, and from our nationwide network of Fitness and Office Products Distributors, Dealers & Retailers, along with our network of Medical and Rehab Professionals.


As the manufacturer of the EVOLUTION Chair line, we stock a full range of original chair parts and a variety of chair accessories.  Rest assured your investment in any Evolution Active Seating Chair or Stool will be protected with availability and quick shipping of original parts and accessories.

What Should I Look For in an Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs are designed to reduce stress on the lower back and spine caused by traditional chairs.  A typical ergonomic chair does provide support, but since they keep the body in a static position, postural muscles begin to tire and weaken after a short period of time.  Our Active Sitting chairs provide a better alternative by keeping your body in motion.

What are Active Seating and Active Sitting?

Active Seating is any chair or stool that allows for continual movement while seated – also know as Active Sitting.  While traditional chairs keep the body in a rigid position, Active Sitting takes pressure off the spine, releasing muscle tension and promoting proper circulation.  All our products utilize this dynamic movement to better promote ergonomic posture, core strength and overall back health.

Ball Chair, Wobble Chair, or Saddle Chair?

We offer a variety of Active Seating options for every work environment.  Our Original Evolution Ball Chair and Half-Ball Stools provide versatility and comfort suitable for any workplace.  Our Wobble Chair offers a sleek modern design that allows you to burn even more calories with increased movement. And our Saddle Chair is the perfect option for good posture in a fast-paced, detail-orientated workplace.

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