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We are passionate about creating healthy bodies for healthy work environments and only focus on Active Seating Products for Office, Commercial, Industrial and Home applications. Every product we develop is tried and true to our core values.

Many health experts say too much sitting can lead to issues such as joint problems, weight gain and increased risk of serious heath problems.   Many of us may not be able to sit less, but active sitting chairs and stools provide benefits of healthy active sitting that can improve our health and fitness.

Active sitting engages the body’s core muscles and results in constant micro movements with correct posture, all of which delivers on the physical and mental benefits of active seating.

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Active Sitting Benefits for Classroom Seating

Active Seating Chairs are producing remarkable results in classrooms. In addition to the usual benefits of core strengthening and better posture, teachers have reported improvement in students’ ability to focus, take notes and engage in class discussions while sitting on Active Seating Chairs and Stools.  Active sitting leads to increased brain stimulation, alertness and learning ability.

Neurophysiologist and educator, Carla Hannaford, Ph.D., author of Smart Moves – Why Learning is Not All in Your Head, states:

“The more closely we consider the elaborate interplay of brain and body, the more clearly one compelling theme emerges; movement is essential to learning. Movement awakens and activates many of our mental capacities. Movement integrates and anchors new information and experience into our neural networks.”

Exercise balls are especially effective for students who suffer from attention deficit disorder because the ball provides the bounce which gives them an outlet to release pent up energy.

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Active Seating Options for the Classroom & Education

Posture Perfect has an Evolution Chair Active Seating solution for the unique needs of every student, teachers and educator. Our products are perfectly suited for student & teacher desk seating, group seating, sit stand activities, computer work, etc.

The Original Evolution Stability Ball Chair

Industry Education and Classroom Active Seating 2  Offers a low cost solution for active sitting. With over 10 years of happy customers and thousands of chairs in use today, it’s a reliable active seating option for classroom environments. As an added benefit, the Evolution Chair “Get-Fit” exercise program and poster transform the Evolution Stability Ball Chair into an effective fitness workout tool. With height risers and ball inflation adjustments, the Ball Chair accommodates comfortable seating positions for workers from 5’0″ to 6’4″.

The Evolution Hemisphere Stool

Industry Education and Classroom Active Seating 4Offers a compact design with an inflatable ergonomic half-ball for comfort and stability.   This active sitting stool provides easy movement with rolling casters and promotes proper posture in any workplace environment.  With a wide range of height adjustment, it accommodates comfortable active seating positions for workers from 4’10” to 6’4.”

The Evolution Hemisphere Perch

Industry Education and Classroom Active Seating 6  With the same ergonomic half-ball design as the Hemisphere Stool, the Evolution Perch provides active sitting benefits for workers from 5’0” to over 6’6”.  An ideal active seating solution for sit-stand desks, workbench/counter use, and regular desk work. It offers function, flexibility and comfort in a compact design.

The Evolution Saddle Chair

Industry Education and Classroom Active Seating 8  Offers an innovative and cost-competitive active seating solution for any worker looking for mobility, stability and versatility.  The split seat design and memory foam seat padding will provide years of comfortable active sitting.  Ideal for detail-orientated and fast-moving work environments.

The Evolution Wobble Stool

Industry Education and Classroom Active Seating 10  Offers a fun and compact fixed position alternative for active sitting that many workers prefer. The inflatable active seating cushion engages core muscles and increases metabolic rate while sitting, improving posture and burning calories. The height adjustable seating feature allows a myriad of different positions and accommodates all sizes.

The EVOLUTION of Active Seating for Office, Medical, Dental, Industrial, Technical & Commercial Applications

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