Active Seating Specifications of the EVOLUTION Ball Chair

Kit Dimensions:
• Height – Base 8.5 inches (w/o inserts) to 10.5 inches (with inserts)
• Width – 19 inches
• Depth – 19 inches
• Weight – 9 lbs
• Stability Ball – inflates from 50cm – 60cm (adjust by inflation level)
• Weight Capacity – 300 lbs

Carton Dimensions:
• 21 inches x 21 inches x 7 inches (carry & go retail box)
• Weight – 10 lbs

Chair Parts List

• Risers to adjust the base height for correct ergonomic positioning
• Stable smooth rolling base for safety and great maneuverability
• Comfortable anti-burst ball
• Workout exercise poster
• Pump for inflation

Premium Add-ons (additional cost):

• Cozys

• EVO casters

Evolution Chair Kit Product Number: 9559
(UPC Code: 94922 24292 1)


• Back-less base design promotes core engagement

• The ball naturally encourages proper spinal alignment and relives spinal compression

• Compact rolling base allows you to flow effortlessly throughout your work station

• Height adjustability is vital to sit in the correct position for perfect spinal alignment with your hips slightly higher than your legs


• No toxic off-gas vinyl compounds and plasticizers in our balls

• No epoxy and styrene copolymers in our base

• Our anti-bacterial Cozys are breathable and odor resistant

• One year warranty on all parts

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