Use & Care of the EVOLUTION Perch Stool


For safe and comfortable use of your Evolution Perch Stool please follow these simple use and caution points :

  1. When sitting on the chair be sure that all adjustable feature are locked down, such as seat tilt and height adjustments.
  2. When sitting be sure to slowly sit in the center of the seat to ensure that the locking casters can set, or if your chair does not have locking caster, use caution as the chair may move before you a securely seated.  Avoid positioning the chair on low friction floors.
  3. If moving in the chair keep your feet firmly on the ground to maintain your balance.   It is not recommended to freely roll in the chair.
  4. When standing up from the seated position, be sure the chair is secure. Stand up vertically and use a secure surface to assist in balance as necessary.


Evolution Chairs are very low maintenance.  For cleaning seating surfaces use mild soap and water and rinse with clean water.    Be sure to wipe dry as the seating surfaces may be slippery if wet or soapy.   The chair frames can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Set up Chair

The Evolution Perch Stool is simple to assemble.  Installation instructions are included in the box and no special tools are required.   If you need any assistance please call us and a customer representative would be pleased to assist.

Click here to view the PDF Hemi Perch Chair Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Perch Stool assembly instructions

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