EVOLUTION Chair Heath Care Professionals Business Partner Program

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We are passionate about creating healthy bodies for healthy work environments and only focus on Active Seating Products for Office, Commercial, Industrial and Home applications. Every product we develop is tried and true to our core values.

We are pleased to work with leading Health Care and Rehabilitation Professionals to offer customers the benefit of their Professional Advise and Guidance where the EVOLUTION Chair line of Active Seating products could be part of a patient’s relief and rehabilitation of posture pain and discomfort.

We are the manufacturer and fully support our Health Care partners with education, marketing collateral, product training, warranty returns and a full replacement parts inventory.   We offer a variety of  partner programs, referral, drop ship and inventory stocking.

Please submit the dealer application form below and an  EVOLUTION Chair Posture Perfection Solutions representative would be pleased to contact you.

HealthCare Partner Options

EVOLUTION Chair –  Three ways for Health Care Professionals to add Revenue and Help Patients.

1-Referral Partner
Offer an EvolutionChair.com Web Coupon to your patients and receive a commission on orders shipped to your patients. No stock to carry.

2-Advisor Partner
Keep a sample at your office and offer a coupon to your patients and receive a commission on orders shipped to your patients. Discounted samples, No stock to carry.

3-Active Partner
Offer your patients the Evolution Chair products for sale at your office. Great discounts on samples and in-office inventory.

Please fill in the contact form and an Evolution Chair Customer Representative will get to you.

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Email:  info@EvolutionChair.com    Phone: 1-800-964-8566

Health Care Partner Program Application

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