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Evolution Perch Active Sitting Stool

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The Evolution Active Sitting Perch Stool offers a compact alternative to The Original Evolution Ball Chair ideal for Sit-Stand application, while providing the same ergonomic benefits of improved posture, core strength and overall back health.  Improved posture and core strength can reduce back pain and sitting fatigue.  With a low profile half ball design, this high quality active sitting option features adjustable height, an anti-burst stability half ball, stationary glides, adjustable footrest and includes a pump.

Perch Active Sitting Stool

Over the past 10 years there has been a significant increase in the use of stability ball workouts in mainstream community gyms and fitness programs.  Unlike many fitness tools on the market, a stability ball is a multi-use piece of fitness equipment that’s affordable and accessible to a wide range of users.  Sitting on stability balls both within and outside a fitness environment has been found to be highly effective in engaging the core muscles, as the body’s movements are initiated and supported with the core resulting in improved back health.  Available in a high balance ball stool configuration.

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Product Information


The Evolution Perch was born as a result of the need for a more compact ball chair solution.  The Perch offers similar benefits as our famous Evolution Ball Chair and Hemisphere Ball Stool but with a smaller footprint and sit-stand height adjustments.   Ideal for any sit-stand, counter sitting or workbench application.


  • Inflatable semi ball seat
  • Gas lift height adjustable
  • 5 point base with casters
  • Backless Design
  • High balance ball stool configuration.


  • Causes the sitter to balance and assists in keeping a upright, straight posture position
  • Keeps the user moving and eliminates sedentary sitting
  • Adjusts to your most beneficial sitting position
  • Base gives stability to the overall chair but allows for greater movement
  • No back means no sedentary sitting
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